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Hundreds of brews ranging from casual to competitive, packaged in engaging and entertaining videos. Every deck is designed to be fun to pilot with many ways to play

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From set reviews to tier lists to "Buy these cards now," the channel produces a ton of useful and interesting content to watch and hopefully learn something

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Fast-paced (or slow-paced) MTG action and streamlined gameplay with custom brewed decks - usually recorded on MTG Arena - fun and entertaining for everyone!

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high-quality commander content for over 4 years

Jumbo Commander is brought to you by DJ (@JumboCommander). His passsion for the Commander format and brewing exciting new decks is what drives him to release entertaining and engaging content on a regular basis for over 4 years.

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My Favorite Decks

A collection of DJ's favorite decks, designed to be powerful and exciting; all about awesome legendary creatures, big plays, and battling your friends in epic multiplayer games!

Akiri & Tymna Artifacts

Akiri & Tymna is a mardu artifacts deck that is both aggressive and grindy; It can smash into the red-zone or sit back and combo. It's one of my favorites because it's always adapting and its playstyle can change the pace of a game.

Braids, Commander Adept

Braids is my favorite commander deck and the subject of my first commander video. Braids’ trigger is symmetrical which seems bad. Except, I have built my whole deck around cheating big creatures into play while handing my opponents.

Erebos, God of Enchantments

Erebos leads a monoblack control deck with a very fun playstyle. This deck utilizes a heavy enchantment theme, and plays some of the meanest enchantments combined with nostalgic black fireballs like Drain Life and Soul Burn.

Grimlock, Dinobot Leader

Grimlock is technically an illegal deck. The commander is silver-bordered but no one ever seems to mind. I think the “Transformers, Vehicles, and Dinosaurs” building restriction is fun and flavorful. Also, TRANSFORMERS!

Muldrotha, the Unyielding

Muldrotha leads my lands matter deck. The object is to durdle the entire game shuffling my lands in and out of my graveyard while constantly gaining value. Then win with an army that comes back with every land drop.

Kenrith, King of Politics

Kenrith is a deck that only runs political cards. This deck will crash and burn in 1v1 but at the commander table I have the tools to recruit allies, bribe opponents, and even the playing field against enemies.